Hi, I'm Mongo Singbe Kear, a 23 year old girl from Liberia  with an  obsession for make-up and shoes. family and friends think I'm funny.  my name is actually Muengo, meaning little bird  but my name was changed when i got to the US. americans to make things easy. it took me a while to get use to the change, but i was able to get use to it in 6 months or less/ i enjoy wearing makeup, buying shoes and cute outfits. i do not buy anything if it's not an outfit.. lol kinda wired huh? i fell in love with fashion my 2nd year in college. ever since my love for fashion has grown. I'm a pretty simple woman. i don't do much but sit on my laptop and view blogs, youtube videos.  I'm a premed student studying biology. i currently married and about to have my 1st child( boy)  

i have lived in the US for about 12 years now. i must say it been a experience  i will never trade for anything. my childhood was great. I'm still friends with people i knew from childhood. i hope to go back to Liberia one day :-). my mother always telling me these great stores about Liberia. 

i really like cheap things loll :-), i don't think it make sense breaking your bank, just to buy a top or a pair of shoes. i like to find the cheapest things possible and of course  they have to be nice. 

I'm also the owner of  "African girls killing it" on Facebook. 

Happily Married since May 4th 2013 :-)

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By Mongo Singbe Kear

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