November 2, 2013

MY Natural Hair Story

Hey guys so i decided to write about my natural hair story.. why went natural and the products i use. it was not an easy decision for me. i waited almost a year to do my BC. people around me had a lot to say about me cutting my hair.. my mother thought i was crazy because hair is a woman's beauty..  my husband said if i cut my hair, he will not take me out in public because he doesn't  want a bald head woman behind him lol.. (he was joking tho).. but with all the confusion i was going through i still find that courage to do my BC.

I went Natural because my hair was completely damage..  it was very hard to do anything with my hair.. the fact that i had to wear weave all the time to feel beautiful was killing me inside.. every woman want to be able to wear her own hair out without feeling insecure. so i decided to chop off the whole thing so i can start over!

What was the hardest part of my hair journey?

I have to say, everything about being a natural hair is hard.. because you cant just wash your hair and be done.. there are so many things i have to do with my hair to keep it healthy.. keeping my head heathy was the reason i cut it off in the 1st place. so i had to make sure i maintain it. people always had something to say about my hair. some even told me natural is not for everybody because my head is too big to be wearing my hair out! its sad the society made it seem that only certain  looks are good for black women.. at one point i felt like i made a mistake by chopping my hair off because of the way the people around me made me feel!  My family and friends not accepting me was the hardest part of my hair journey.

What i like about being natural? 

The fact that i feel beautiful with my own hair is priceless... my hair is growing everyday.. since went natural my hair has grown more than when i had relaxed hair! there are so many beautiful hair styles to do with natural hair!!

What did I learn from being natural. 

I learned to accept my natural hair. and that being natural is beautiful.. i feel so much better about my hair..  the fact that i can actually wear my hair out and still feel beautiful is a blessing! 

Products i use on my hair!

Sometimes I do Home-made deep conditioner using simple ingredients like egg,mayonnaise, and olive oil!!